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Rylance Roofing & Exteriors in Regina receives a number of frequently asked questions from clients in the Regina area. We have provided the answers to those questions below.

Roofing repairs are often discovered after serious damage or a major leak occurs. To detect issues before these things happen, twice yearly inspections will look for cracked, warped, or missing shingles, loose seams, worn flashing, or excessive sediments building in the eaves or downspout. Other problems can be found upon inspecting the indoors such as discolored plasterboard, peeling wallpaper, and cracked paint.

A: There are two main options — you can either tear off or re-cover the existing roof system. If you have already recovered your roof once, a complete replacement is most likely necessary.

A: Most modern roofing designs will last for about 20 years. Some roof types can last even longer.

A: There are a number of factors that affect the total installation time. These factors include weather conditions, whether or not we need to remove a second layer, and the square footage of the roof area. A typical job takes three to four days. The process includes removal of the old roof and then installing the new roof and eaves.

A: Replacing a roof is a noisy, messy process, especially during the first phase which involves removing the old shingles. During these two to three hours, consider going somewhere else and be aware of how the noise may frighten your pets. Park your cars on the street so that they are out of the way for our trucks and to save your car from dust, falling debris, and nails. Protect any item that you do not want to break such as pictures from the walls, chandeliers, and knickknacks on shelves. Otherwise, they may be knocked over by vibrations during the roofing process. If you have a swimming pool/hot tub, close the pool cover.

Regina, SK